Building a Better Data Ecosystem

Secure, Traceable, and Transparent: Our Solution for the Data Economy

At Quadrant Protocol, we believe in a better way to build a data economy that is secure, traceable, and transparent. Our blockchain-based protocol provides an infrastructure that facilitates the transparent exchange of Data-as-a-Service and AI services between organizations.

Our Geolancer app, powered by Quadrant Protocol, is a real-world enterprise product that is already mapping the data universe and supply chain. With over 2 million Points of Interest created on the app, Geolancer enables users to collect, validate, and sell location data, helping businesses make informed decisions.


Over 2,000,000 data submissions on Geolancer, Over 2,000,000 reward transactions on Polygon

See Reward Activity on Polygon

Real Enterprise Applications 

Enterprise Applications

Millions in Sales

Geolancer is trusted and used by some of the biggest mapping and ride hailing companies in the world

See our GoJek case study

Community Fund

3% of Revenue

We are building community initiatives by dedicating 3% of monthly revenue to future community programs

See out Ecosystem Development Fund

Sustainable Model

Revenue focused Growth

Quadrant Protocol's team members pride themselves on solving Enterprise business needs and empowering users to be rewarded. Non-user revenue powers our rewards system.


Powering Geolancer

Real Data / Real Rewards

2 Million POIs Collected

Geolancer is trusted and used by some of the biggest mapping and ride hailing companies in the world

See our GoJek case study


From East to West

We continue to deploy in new countries and are heavily active in India, Indonesia, Philippines Singapore, US,.

More countries coming soon!

Do More!

New Projects launching 

With new projects launching monthly users can be rewarded for doing things like in-filed address collection, rating internet pages, providing data to train LLMs and more!


True Utility NFT Innovation

Solving industry issues, delighting app users

Quadrant Protocol has designed a unique utility NFT that incentivizes users to collect data from hard-to-reach areas, a problem that enterprises and mapping companies have been trying to solve for years. Our innovative solution ensures high-quality and sustainable data collection, providing value to our paying enterprise clients.

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