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Quadrant Protocol is the engine that powers Quadrant's data mapping capabilities and the Geolancer app. One of the first operational blockchain-based data protocols, it is already mapping the data universe for its users.


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Quadrant Protocol

Quadrant Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the mapping, access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core.

The data economy is similar to space; unmapped and chaotic. We provide the infrastructure that facilitates the transparent exchange of Data-as-a-Service and AI services between organizations, enabling data vendors to sell their data with the use of Data Smart Contracts. Likewise, it enables buyers to purchase data and trace its authenticity and provenance through the network’s data stamping verification system.

Latest from Quadrant Protocol


Introducing the New eQUAD Token Economics

eQUAD plays a central role in all of Quadrant Protocol’s new products, creating real-world demand for the token as a utility.

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Quadrant Expands Its Marketing Team With eQUAD In Focus

We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our marketing team in the last few weeks, hiring a new Director of Marketing and a Content Marketing Manager.

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Quadrant Protocol 2020 Roadmap Update

At Quadrant Protocol we are turning things up a notch, getting ready to launch some major, innovative, and forward-thinking initiatives we have been working on.

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Built on cutting edge technology

Quadrant Protocol is built with Ethereum. It combines the powerful capabilities of blockchain with new innovations developed by the Quadrant team to stamp and map disparate data sets. Quadrant is building world-leading data technology that enables complex data transactions.

Data Stamping

We stamp data for authenticity, allowing our users to trace and verify the provenance of the data.

Guardian Nodes

Guardian Nodes execute Data Smart Contracts, using QUAD as gas, an internal token 1:1 convertible with eQUAD.

Block Explorer

Users can track transactions on the Quadrant Chain, increasing transparency in the Big Data economy. Learn more ->


For a new data economy to flourish, our platform needs to be both fast and secure. That's why Quadrant utilizes two tokens designed to compliment each other, by taking advantage of the efficiency of our Proof of Authority(PoA) consensus algorithm combined with the security of a public blockchain Proof of Work(PoW).


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