Ecosystem Development Fund

Advancing the Quadrant Ecosystem.
Governed by the community.

Total eQUAD deposited in the Ecosystem Development Fund


Current holdings in the Ecosystem Development Fund


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Last updated: September 11, 2023

As announced in our new token economics, companies who purchase data on the Quadrant Platform utilize Quadrant Protocol’s Data Smart Contracts and will need to pay a licensing fee amounting to 3 percent of the value of the services rendered. Starting January 2021, Quadrant Platform have been executing these contracts, utilizing 80–100 percent of these licensing fees to purchase eQUAD from the open market. Read our post for more details.


All the eQUAD purchased from the open market are deposited in the Ecosystem Development Fund, earmarked for financing the advancement of the project.


These tokens will only be released through a community vote.


The community of eQUAD holders can decide which initiatives will further accelerate the growth of the eQUAD ecosystem


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We plan to formally start voting on initiatives later this year. We welcome ideas from our community about potential use cases.