Information about the eQUAD token sale

Quadrant Protocol raised the equivalent of US$15.5 million at the peg price in June-July 2018.

token sale overview

Tokens sold
Equivalent of $15.5M USD at the peg price
Price of Token
USD 5 cents per eQUAD token
eQUAD Supply
1,000,000,000 eQUAD tokens
eQuad Token Distribution
40% Crowd-sale, 20% to be held by Company, 20% Stakeholders, 10% Reserve, 10% Team
Type of Token
Contract Address
Public Sale
26 June 2018 - 26 July 2018

Token distribution & Usage


Token Distribution

  • Crowdsale - Sold during Private and Public Sale

  • Company Reserve - Foundation

  • Company Stakeholders - Advisors, Security and Operations

  • Company Reserve - Network, Partner and Community Development

  • Company Allocation - Team


Fund Allocation

  • Business and Network Development

  • R&D: Platfom Enhancements and SDK Development

  • Operations and Security

  • Legal, Accounting and Compliance

  • Treasury


Since the initial token sale, the blockchain industry has been growing at a breakneck speed, and parts of our original whitepaper might not be applicable anymore. Many of these changes are highlighted in our new token economics announcement. For transparency, we still keep the original whitepaper accessible on this page.